Beef tripe, green, in large cubes frozen, diced 5kg

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Beef tripe, green, in large cubes



 Delicious large pieces of rumen!

 Large cubes that, after thawing, disintegrate into large strips that the dog can really tug at. Similar to the ox's mouth!


(The rumen is divided into strips, since it is a "big sack" which is frozen (emptied) as a whole in our house and then cut up. For this reason, the rumen is no longer a thick piece of meat after defrosting)


We produce our products ourselves from natural raw materials.
Please note, therefore, that the analyzes are subject to natural fluctuations.

Crude protein 13.7%
Raw fat 9.9%
Crude fiber 3.6%
Raw ash 1.6%
Humidity 71.2%