Calf breastbones, in pieces 5kg

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Calf breastbones, in pieces 5kg

  • The classic in the BARF plan!
  • ideal for feeding raw meat bones
  • it meets all the requirements of a good RFK: 50% bones and 50% meat, fat, cartilage
  • very good calcium supplier
  • softer bone, as it has no load-bearing function like a long bone
  • teeth cleaning

Calf's sternum bones are healthy and prepare a feast for young and old, young and old!


Please only feed bones raw! Heating of any kind causes bones to splinter.

We produce our products ourselves from natural raw materials.
Please note that the analyzes are subject to natural fluctuations.

Crude protein 14.8%
Raw fat 41.8%
Crude fiber 0.1%
Raw ash 0.6%
Humidity 42.7%