Everything from chicken 5kg diced

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A delicious meat menu in pieces of chicken! Compiled in the classic BARF division!

When fed exclusively, it is ideally suited for dogs weighing 15kg or more, as feeding more than one bag per week is good in order to compensate for slight fluctuations per bag.

  • 50% chicken muscle meat
  • 20% chicken necks
  • 10% chicken liver
  • 5% chicken stomachs
  • 5% chicken hearts
  • 10% chicken fat

In addition, a nice raw meat bone , e.g. the back of a chicken, can be fed 2-3 times a week so that your dog has something to chew and can clean his teeth. It also absorbs calcium and other healthy nutrients for the musculoskeletal system.

The fat content of the menus can be supplemented with other fats. The daily ration can consist of up to 20% fat, especially if you are very active with your dog. Why? The dog draws energy from the fat. If too little fat is available, the protein is used for energy production. During this metabolic process (if this happens over the long term), however, the kidneys are stressed. That can be the reason why it is often said that barfing should hit the kidneys: if the dog is fed too low in fat. If a diet is actually required, the total amount of feed should be reduced. You can supplement the menu with pure chicken fat. Goose lard or a bit of good butter is also a must.

As EM, a salmon oil should be added daily as a supplier of omega-3 fatty acids via the menu and as an iodine supplier 2-3 times per WEEK seaweed meal . In order to ensure the vitamin D supply, please feed sea fish 2-3 times a week, e.g. salmon, mackerel or sprats, or add cod liver oil 2-3 times a week via the menu.

If your dog is not allowed to eat rumen, you can feed the good bacteria in the intestines with brewer's yeast, for example !
If your cat would like to eat a portion of “everything from the chicken”, it is welcome. The only thing that is not suitable for cats is exclusive feeding, as it contains too few hearts (hearts provide taurine) and a bit too many necks, which is not that tragic.


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Complementary feed


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