Everything from lamb 1kg diced

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Everything from the lamb 1kg frozen diced

A delicious meat menu in pieces of lamb! Compiled in the classic BARF division!

When fed exclusively, it is ideally suited for dogs weighing 15kg or more, as feeding more than one bag per week is good in order to compensate for slight fluctuations per bag.

Distribution (according to the feed pyramid)
consisting of:
  • 50% muscle meat streaked
  • 20% green rumen
  • 15% bone pulp (carcass)
  • 15% offal:
    • 34% liver
    • 17% kidney
    • 17% heart
    • 16% spleen
    • 16% lungs

    As a supplementary feed, salmon oil should be added freshly from the menu daily as a supplier of omega-3 fatty acids and seaweed meal 2-3 times a WEEK as a supplier of iodine . In order to ensure the vitamin D supply, please feed sea fish 2-3 times a week, e.g. salmon, mackerel or sprats, or add cod liver oil 2-3 times a week via the menu.


    We produce our products ourselves from natural raw materials.
    Please note, therefore, that the analyzes are subject to natural fluctuations.

    Crude protein 14.0%
    Raw fat 18.5%
    Crude fiber 0.1%
    Raw ash 2.5%
    Moisture 64.9%