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This product is an 'etical product' because it contains insect larvae (BSF), which is a sustainable alternative to other animal protein sources.

Insects are a particularly sustainable form of animal protein. This is because insect:


• Need little space


• Grow quickly and efficiently


• Can grow on organic waste streams


• Do not produce methane


By replacing a part of the meat that is used in our mixes with insects, the product becomes much more sustainable! The great thing of insects is that, in addition to being sustainable, it is also a very high-quality protein source with a good amino acid profile.


The insects that are used are Black soldier flies (Hermetia illucens), often abbreviated as BSF. These larvae have a greyish color, which can also be seen in the color of the mixes.

In addition, this is the first variant of KB RAW that contains vegetables! We made this addition to make the product even more sustainable. In addition to being a more sustainable raw material, these specially selected vegetables are also a good source of vitamins, minerals and fibre. With this product you make your dog's menu a bit more sustainable!


1 kg


33% Insect (BSF), 28% Turkey; 15% back, 13% neck, 15% Beef heart, 15% Vegetable mix (chard, endive, courgette, bean sprouts, parsnip), 1% salmon oil Added per kg: Vit. A: 3.000 IU, Vit.D3: 700 IU, Vit. E: 100 mg, Vit. C: 30 mg, E1 Iron: 8 mg, E5 Mangese: 5 mg, E4 Copper: 3 mg, E6 Zinc: 20 mg, Calcium iodate anhydrous: 0,70 mg, E8 Sodium selenite: 0,08 mg, Taurine: 500 mg


Meat: 53%, Bone: 9%, Organs: 15%, Extra: 22%


73% moisture, 13% protein, 9% fats, 1,1% fiber, 2,5% ash, 0,66% calcium, 0,39% phosphorus, Ca:P: 1,71, Energy: 130 kcal/100 gr.