Salmon full meal, minced 1kg

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Distribution (according to the feed pyramid)
  1. 80% salmon (Salmo salar) consisting of:
    • 50% meat (our salmon cubes)
    • 40% heads (also a lot of meat on them, so that the bony part of the skull is around 20%)
    • 10% offal
  2. 20% vegetable and fruit mix:
    • 15% carrots
    • 14% parsnip
    • 14% zucchini
    • 14% salsify
    • 15% blanched broccoli
    • 14% apple
    • 14% raspberries
  3. Minerals:
    • 0.5% Himalayan salt brine

The salmon complete menu naturally contains salmon oil and you don't need to add any extra!

A delicious complete menu for barfing salmon with all the important ingredients in a balanced ratio. We have left out herbs or other additives, such as green-lipped mussel extracts, so that you can decide for yourself what and how much your dog or cat should get. Because every animal has different needs ...

The Salmon Complete Meal naturally contains iodine and vitamin D and you don't have to take it into account.


Weight 1.00 kg
Type Of Meat


Product Content

1,000 g



Feed Type

Complementary feed


We produce our products ourselves from natural raw materials.
Please note, therefore, that the analyzes are subject to natural fluctuations.

Crude protein 10.2%
Raw fat 26.6%
Crude fiber 1.7%
Raw ash 2.7%
Moisture 58.8%

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