Top insect Frozen silkworm

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Top insect frozen Silkworm 1ltr approx 400g

Silkworm contain a lot of moisture (88%), almost no fat (1.6%) and still have a good protein content (9%).
They are the ideal thirst quenchers for nestlings.
In addition, silkworms have a good calcium (1000mg / kg) / phosphorus (1200mg / kg) ratio of 0.83: 1. The iron content is extremely low (6.1mg / kg). All values ​​are percentages on raw weight. 
Silkworms also contain the serrapeptase enzyme known as a strong natural chelation antioxidant, which improves calcium absorption and stimulates good intestinal transit. The analysis of silkworms is very similar to that of fish. 
Silkworms are therefore very healthy and nutritious feed insects. 

Due to their soft skin, they also contain very little chitin and are therefore easy to digest. Admittedly, due to the lack of chitin, silkworms have no armor and feel limp after freezing and thawing. This does not make them less nutritious. They also dry up faster, the discoloration that occurs after a few hours is not rot, but oxidation of their pigment and not harmful at all. As with all feed insects, don't feed too many silkworms at once. Because Topinsect's silkworms are only grown on leaves of the white mulberry and not on an artificial feed, they also have a good taste and both birds and reptiles find it a delicacy. #


 % ON TOTAL Silkworms
 Moisture 88
 Dry matter 12
   Crude ash 1.6
   Protein 9
   Fat 0.9
   Carbohydrates 0.5
   Starch -


 % ON DRY FABRIC Silkworms
 Crude ash 10.7
 Protein 75
 Fat 7.5
 Carbohydrates 4.2