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This mix contains 33% insects. The insects used are Black Soldier Fly larvae (BSF). The production of insects is a lot more sustainable (little water, less CO2 emissions, no methane emissions) than the production of meat. In addition, these insects are a high-quality source of animal protein. By adding vitamins, minerals and salmon oil these mixes contain all the necessary vitamins and minerals according to the European guidelines for cats and dogs. Therefore, you don’t have to be afraid of any nutrient deficiencies.


1 kg


65% Rabbit; 40% back, 10% heart, 5% ears, 5% lung, 2,5% kidney, 2,5% fat, 33% Insect (BSF), 1% Salmon oil, 1% Vitamins and minerals. Added per kg: Vit. A: 3.000 IU, Vit.D3: 700 IU, Vit. E: 100 mg, Vit. C: 30 mg, E1 Iron: 8 mg, E5 Mangese: 5 mg, E4 Copper: 3 mg, E6 Zinc: 20 mg, Calcium iodate anhydrous: 0,70 mg, E8 Sodium selenite: 0,08 mg, Taurine: 500 mg


66% moisture, 15% protein, 13% fats, 0,8% fiber, 2,2% ash, 0,65% calcium, 0,38% phosphorus, Ca:P: 1,71, Energy: 180 kcal/100 gr.




Meat: 24%, Bones: 16%, Organs: 20%, Extra: 40%