DK Handfeeding Gel

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Complete handfeeding diet to promote growth and healthy development of insectivorous, carnivorous and piscivorous birds

Features and Benefits of DK Zoological Handfeeding Gel

* Contains all required vitamins and minerals for a healthy development

* High amount of easily digestible animal protein

* Multiple source of omega 3 fatty acids

* Unique way of usage, can be fed in a natural 'worm shape'

* Contains two specialised ingredients to increase gut heatlh: Butyric acid to promote a good natural bacterial balance in the gut, which will aid in digestion and adsorption. Lactlates are added to lower the risk of development of pathogens such as clostridium.

Product Form

Powder in 2 kg bag

 Calculated Analysis

Moisture % 11,4              Manganese ppm 250                    Pyridoxine (B6) ppm 11
Protein % 56,9                Copper ppm 29                            Vitamin B12 µg/kg 100
Fat % 17,0                      Iodine ppm 1                                  Biotin (B8) ppm 0,80
Fibre % 5,4                     Selenium ppm 1                           Vitamin B4 ppm 3.900
Ash % 9,8                       Folic acid (B9) ppm 2,86
                                      Vitamins Ascorbic Acid ppm 100
Minerals                          Vitamin A IU/kg 7.500
Calcium % 2,28               Vitamin D3 IU/kg 1.500 Other
Phosphorus % 1,51          Vitamin E IU/kg 150 Taurine % 0,03
Potassium % 0,44            Vitamin K ppm 15
Magnesium % 0,19          Thiamin (B1) ppm 10
Sodium % 1,66               Riboflavin (B2) ppm 28
Iron ppm 219                  Niacin (PP) ppm 30
Zinc ppm 215                  Pantothenic Acid ppm 40


Powder in 2 kg bag
Poultry meal, Insect meal (Mealworm), Insect meal (BSF), Gelatin, Salmon meal, Fish oil, Beet root, Xanthan gum, Neubacid, Aloapur,
Vitamins and minerals

Preparation Never feed the dry powder to the animals, always prepare with water:

1. Mix, by weight, 60% boiling water to 40% of powder. Adjust mixture to meet desired texture and need.

2. Mix thoroughly with a spoon, fork or whisk for one minute.

3. Worm: Add the mixture to a syringe and squirt it into cold water. When shaped, remove from the water.

Cake: Put the mixture into a shallow pan and allow to cool, after this cut the cake in desired shape.

Storage Store the dry powder in a closed bag in a cool and dry space. The prepared worm shaped gel or cake can be stored in the fridge to be fed the same day.Another option is to store the prepared product in the freezer (-18°C). Make sure to put the product in a closed container to prevent dehydration. Thaw before feeding to the animal.

Feeding guide

1. Always allow the product to reach room temperature before feeding. Feeding the product too cold can cause problems in the crop.

2. Feed the product multiple times a day until the crop is full. Do not overfeed. Weigh the animals daily to ensure healthy growth and to control the right amount of feed. Most chicks will consume 10% or more of their body weight per feeding (of the prepared product).

3. Clean all used materials to prevent growth of harmful bacteria.

4. When chicks are ready, start with the introduction of other feed items which are appropriate for the species (e.g. whole insects).