Herring IQF

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Whole herring including organs

Individually quick-frozen (IQF) and is therefore easy to thaw in small portions. We advise feeding fish once a week. The size of this fish can vary due to seasonal availability.

Weight: 1 kg 


100% Herring

Country of origin: Kattegat, North Sea, Baltic

Size: 15 - 20 cm

Pieces per kg: 25

Storage advice: -18°C


Meat: 70%, Bones: 15%, Organs: 15%, Extra: 0%


71% moisture, 17% protein, 6% fats, 0,1% fiber, 3,6% ash, 0,34% calcium, 0,53% phosphorus, Ca:P: 0,64, Energy: 123 kcal/100 gr.