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This Raw Meat Supplement + Calcium is suitable to supplement a raw-meat diet for cats and dogs without bones. The supplement contains all necessary vitamins and minerals according to the European guidelines for cats and dogs. The supplement can easily be dosed daily using the included measuring spoon.


500 g


Biergist, natrium bicarbonaat, vitamines en mineralen Vitamine A/Vitamin A/Vitamin A: 150.000 IE/IU/IE · Vitamine D3/Vitamin D3/ Vitamin D3: 35.000 IE/IU/IE · Vitamine E/Vitamin E/Vitamin E: 5.000 mg · Vitamine C/Vitamin C/Vitamin C: 1.500 mg · E1 IJzer sulfaat, monohydraat/E1 Iron sulphate, monohydrate/E1 Eisensulfat-Monohydrat: 400 mg · E5 Mangaan Oxide/E5 Mangese oxide/E5 Manganoxid: 250 mg · E4 Koper sulfaat, pentahydraat/E4 Copper sulphate, pentahydrate/E4 Kupfer-sulfat, Pentahydrat: 150 mg · E6 Zink sulfaat monhydraat/E6 Zinc sulphate, monohydrate/ E6 Zinksulfat, Monohydrat: 1.000 mg · Calcium jodaat anhydraat/Calcium iodate anhydrous/Kalziumjodat wasserfrei: 35 mg · E8 Natriumseleniet/E8 Sodium selenite/Natriumselenit: 4 mg


3% moisture, 22% protein, 0,8% fats, 0,6% fiber, 53,6% ash, 17% calcium, 0,9% phosphorus, Ca:P: 18,8, Energy: 95 kcal/100 gr.


suitable for a  diet in which there is no variation possible due to allergies
or a diet where for whatever reason there is doubts about completeness.