KB Mix - Wild Goose

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KB Mix - Wild goose 1kg


These geese come from the Netherlands, where there is a surplus of geese. This is not only a sustainable product, but also a very nice (new) source of protein for dogs and cats. The goose bodies that we use for this mix are nicely fleshed and still contain the most important organs, but no head, crop, legs, feathers and gastrointestinal tract.




1 kg



100% Goose; Body with organs. Without head, crop, feathers and intestines



Meat: 65%, Bones: 15%, Organs: 20%, Extra: 0%



70% moisture, 21% protein, 2,8% fats, 0,4% fiber, 6% ash, 1,83% calcium, 0,92% phosphorus, Ca:P: 1,98, Energy: 110 kcal/100 gr.

Might contain steel/lead shot.

Varying your protein sources is nessary.

 Only feed game protein once a week.