Kiezebrink Day old chicks 10kg

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Day Old Chicken
10 kg approx 250 pc
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Weight: 40 g per piece
Country of origin: The Netherlands/Spain
Sex: rooster
These high quality chicks are selected, packed and deep-frozen. Chicks are a 'residual product' from the laying hen industry, they are the roosters that cannot be used. That is why they are killed after hatching.
The chicks are being killed by using CO2. After this the chicks are Blast frozen to ensure a good quality. The chicks are guaranteed free from Salmonella.

Nutritional advice

Chicks can be fed as whole prey. If many chicks are fed daily, it may be wise to remove the yolk from a number of chicks to prevent an overdose of vitamin A. This is a Raw Animal Feed. Please take the hygienic precautions into account.

Moisture 77% Ash 2%
Protein 16% Calcium 0,4%
Fat 6% Phosphorus 0,26%
Cellulose 0,2% Energy 116.3 kcal/100g