Spanish quail L 220-320 g 6kg

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Spanish Quail


High quality quails from Spain. Animals are checked weekly by a veterinarian. The quails are killed using CO2. After this, they are immediately frozen completely intact.

Quantity: 6 kg box

Weight: 220-230 g per piece

Analytical constituents

Moisture 55,22% Crude ash 3,25%
Protein 20,28% Calcium 1,20%
Crude fat 22% Phosphorus 0,73%
Crude fiber 0,2%

Storage advice:-18°C

Country of origin: Spain

housing: Welfare cages

age: 9-10 weeks

Sex: both

Animals are checked every week by a veterinarian. The quails are being killed by using CO2. After this they are directly frozen. 

This is a Raw Animal Feed. Please take the hygenic precautions into account.