DK Insect Gut Loader

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DK Zoological

DK Insect Gut Loader


Features and Benefits of DK Zoological Insect Gut Loader

* Fed to insects in order to increase levels of nutrients in the gutt-fill

* Contains multiple sources of omega-3 fatty acids

* High level of calcium balances the calcium to phosphorus ratio of the insects

* Supplemented with all essential vitamins and minerals

* Contains multiple sources of color enhancing ingredients (Canthaxanthin, Spirulina, Beet root, Carrot powder, Marigold (Tagetes) to enhance the diet and appearance of reptiles, amphibians and birds.

Feeding Guide

Feed the insects with only DK Insect Gut Loader at least 24-72 hours before feeding them to your animals. The powder can be fed dry, but also with added water to form a structure like a cake. Fresh water should be available at all times. This product can be sprinkled over the feeder insects before feeding for additional supplementation as well. 


Calcium carbonate, Corn meal, Poultry meal, Sea weed meal, Apple pulp, Pea protein concentrate, Fish oil, Salmon meal, Canthaxanthin, Spirulina, Beet root, Carrot powder, Marigold (Tagetes), Vitamins and minerals

Calculated Analysis 

Moisture % 9,5

Protein % 19,3

Fat % 8,0

Fibre % 4,0

Ash % 22,5


Calcium % 10,00

Phosphorus % 1,30

Potassium % 1,30

Magnesium % 0,28

Sodium % 0,59

Sulfur % 0,03

Iron ppm 87

Zinc ppm 325

Manganese ppm 405

Copper ppm 44

Iodine ppm 23

Selenium ppm 1


Vitamin A IU/kg 15.300

Vitamin D3 IU/kg 3.000

Vitamin E IU/kg 320

Vitamin K ppm 30

Thiamin (B1) ppm 20

Riboflavin (B2) ppm 50

Niacin (PP) ppm 30

Pantothenic Acid ppm 75

Pyridoxine (B6) ppm 20

Vitamin B12 µg/kg 150

Biotin (B8) ppm 2

Vitamin B4 ppm 4.000

Folic acid (B9) ppm 5

Ascorbic Acid ppm 200


Taurine % 0,1